The Children of Manson book Cover1Would you allow an aggressive disease to spread? Would you watch with indifference as it devastated its host? I have a choice. And I, along with my Family, choose to act. Now you may choose. Join us… or die.

Lloyd feels time is short. From his care home he looks out over a world he feels has lost its way. But though concerned he has a plan.

Dee is a troubled university student, who finds it hard to fit in to a new environment. She struggles to make friends, and to come to terms with her sexuality. And then come the reports of the disappearances, and the mutilated bodies appearing around the town. will she get to the bottom of these grisly happenings before it is too late?




 Sinister Town (3)Through the overgrown field, over broken down fence,
Is the path to the true place where horrors commence.
To the place of the fallen, where the forgotten dwell,
Just take a sharp left at the old haunted well.
Follow the arm of the gnarled twisted tree,
And you’ll find Sinister Town, an unfortunate melee.
There are tales from this place that will make your ears bleed.
Refuse to turn back, and on you they will feed.

A collection of horrifying short stories straight from the depths of Sinister Town

1. The Doktor
2. The Leprosychaun
3. The Death Rattle
4. Sinister Lake



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  • Fine start for a new author - I'm roughly half way through the book now and I can safely say that I look forward to coming home just to be able to read it. Would recommend this to anyone keep up the good work.
    Amazon - Liam R
  • Awesome Book! - I couldn't but it down! Can't wait for another one! The plot grabs you and makes you want to carry on reading. I was actually upset when the book finished
    Amazon - Bianca
  • Creepy and Brilliant! - Finished product is amazing. Very original and as this genre should be it is creepy, unpredictable and gripping and well worth buying
    Amazon - Symon
  • Different look at today's world - I am up to chapter 50 and almost finished the book and this has been a good read but I'm not 100% on how this storey will end. I have been reading this book on my commute to work for the last five days and really enjoy it. It has shown me a different view of the world we live in and society. I can see the reasons as to why the author has set the story up and how it has been portrayed so far. I could compare this novel to Stephen King'2 Black House.. not 100% but you can feel a influence of him in this book.
    Amazon - Pierz Gooding
  • 50 Shades of Red - I loved the change of styles, the fast pace and a unique use of language which marks this book out from the crowd. If you like narrative that takes you out of the norm and weaves you through a new type of horror, away from the expected, then this is for you. Move over Mr King!
    Amazon - Philip James
  • Great start for a newly published author! - Catherine Bell has clearly put her all into this book. I'm only a few pages in but I'm hooked already - can't wait to read more! Definitely worth a read for anyone into the horror genre and it's onlu cheap too!