Are You Feeling Happy?

You hear stories of drug addicts chasing the unreachable high. I feel like that is what happiness is. I began thinking about this around New Year, you know, that time where everyone is asking the same question “What’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution gonna be?” People are spouting all sorts: From the standard: Be heathier, Lose

Get Out of My Head!

Has anyone here seen Blackfish? It is the documentary about Orcas in captivity. Horrible, eye opening, heart breaking film, very well put together. Anyway, that is not really the point of this blog. What I wanted to put across was some information I gleaned from it that has stuck with me. There is a theory

For better, or worse

Following on from Facebook’s recent “psychological experiment” (see more information here: I think it’s quite important to recognise the impacts that things do actually have on our day to day lives. I know we probably all knew anyway that if we read a lot of negative things, with no positive “interruptions” we will start
Ok, so, part 2!   I’m going to start this one off with my favourite find EVER! As in terms of local history, this definitely is the most interesting. I genuinely love this, just because it really helped my passion for this blossom. There’s something about about actually discovering something yourself, and taking the initiative

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