Ok, so, part 2!   I’m going to start this one off with my favourite find EVER! As in terms of local history, this definitely is the most interesting. I genuinely love this, just because it really helped my passion for this blossom. There’s something about about actually discovering something yourself, and taking the initiative
I love history. it was always my favourite subject and something that I was really keen to stay involved with. I wanted to be an Archaeologist when I was younger, I would have adored discovering and identifying lost artifacts, not seen or touched for centuries… but I have settled for enjoying it was a hobby-

Nail Art III

Hi 🙂 I thought I’d give you guys a quick update in terms of new nail art creations! I’d had a few new ideas since I last posted, so here are the latest!         This first one was done over the top of a French Manicure. I particularly enjoyed this one, as

Nail Art II

*Waves* A quick one this time, just wanted to share a few new nail designs with you. Hope you like 🙂 Here’s a pink and blue studded design with glitter incorporated in there too!             This is a Mario inspired theme… ….Mario himself came out blurry 🙁