Grate on me, and I’ll grate you

I don’t think I’ve done a real rant blog before, and it’s not something I want to get into the habit of… but this is really winding me up…. Picture this: After a hard day’s work, Cathy hops onto her laptop to browse the likes of Twitter, Facebook, etc. to wind down a bit, you

…The wonderful Wizard of Oz

Part 2- Cairns Capers   So, Monday, and our first day in Cairns, it was a mellow one. I went and booked adventures for the rest of the week, determined to make it action packed… I wasn’t expecting it to be as packed as it turned out to be though! In the afternoon, we went

We’re off to see the Wizard…

Wow, I definitely came back to Earth with a bang! The last week has been jam packed and mental since I came back from Australia, but that, my friends, is a whole other story. Australia was incredible. I am not much of a traveller, never really been interested in it. But I reached a point

Words are all I have…

Bah. I have made an irritating discovery; the word “Selfie” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, amongst several, in my opinion undeserving, others. Now I am all for the expansion of our linguistic repertoire, but… ridiculous slang terms which will surely have a very short life span do not deserve to be included