Film Raging

I love horror films. Particularly with a nice twist or something random, juicy and unexpected thrown in… But all too often I end up frustrated and disappointed by the repeated stupid and frustrating scenarios people find themselves in. So I decided to create a list of the top most annoying things that can happen in

Does original thought exist?

Firstly, a little apology- I can’t do this topic justice in a mere blog post, but it would be nice just to raise some points I’ve been contemplating recently. Again, I’d love to hear your input 🙂 My question is: Can anyone actually produce a truly original thought? OK. To get a sense of where

Can Animals Commit Suicide?

I’m not sure what inspired this blog, I was just considering the implications of consciousness and intelligence in humans & animals… If humans are at such an advanced level of self awareness that they are able to decide whether to continue to live, or make a conscious decision to end their own lives… what are

Egg on your face

Now you’ve made the chicken suspicious. Here’s an interesting one for you: What does “beating around the bush” mean? What does it actually refer to? How about “Red herring”? …or “beggars belief”? “All the rage?” What about “hedge your bets?” or “Saved by the skin of your teeth?” I bet you’ve said most if not