My name is Catherine Bell, I’m a writer of fiction; predominantly horror. I have been cb1writing from a very young age, and have had a few poems short stories published. In more recent years, I have become interested in becoming established as a full length novelist. My interests include metal detecting/ amateur archaeology, hiking and exploring.  I am into all things Gothic, and love nail art and design. Have a look at my blog to hear about some of my adventures!

I love learning about the strange, the unusual, and the unexplored. I am also very interested in learning about, and understanding the psychology behind murderers/ psychopaths/sociopaths/ serial killers/ cannibals and other deviant and anti-social personalities.

My favourite authors include Stephen King, Philip Pullman, David Seltzer (The Omen), James Herbert ( Lair, The Rats), Graham Masterton ( Charnel House), Dan Brown, M.R. James (A Warning to the Curious),  Iain Banks (The Wasp Factory)

My favourite films include The Omen, Grave Encounters/ Grave Encounters 2, Children of The Corn, Creepshow/ Creepshow 2, Scary or Die, Rosemary’s Baby, The Ring, Pans Labyrinth, Inbred, and The Loved Ones.

My favourite musicians are Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, Murderdolls and Slipknot.

Other interests include film and artwork by David Lynch, and artwork by Salvador Dali.