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victorian bottle

I love it when spontaneity yields magical results. I randomly decided to go for a walk today. Trying to mix things up a bit, we avoided main roads and just trotted around for about an hour, choosing road names we liked the sound of to venture down. When you’ve lived in the same area for years, it is pretty much the only way to find anywhere new. Anyway, it worked! We ended up by a small wood, which led on to huge fields.

So, walking down the pathways, something familiar catches my eye.

How is that familiar? Well, it is confession time, I am an amateur archaeologist and proud! Armed with my trusty Viking 5 metal detector, I’ve found quite a few little treasures; some by accident, I will admit!  Part of the fun is digging up something metal, and then finding something interesting made of pot, or glass nearby. (That happens to me a lot)


This is a Victorian ink bottle [most likely]. I’ve acquired 3 to date. And it looked like I’d spotted another. So off I hop into this ditch, and start scrabbling around in the mud 😀

(I had literally re-done my nails the night before, which only dawned on me later 🙁 ).

There were no full bottles unfortunately, but I’ve now acquired the ink bottle (maybe 2), plus 4 other interesting finds. One we have identified as a Victorian ginger beer bottle – dating back to the 1880s. (check out the link for info on the 1881 census

The other clay beer bottles are from the same period, but I can’t seem to find any sources to help me identify them. Any clues would be great! Here are some pictures anyway.


m. pratt

I recognise the arm and hammer symbol on there…


And isn’t that the freemason’s symbol?!

So, that’s how my nice but average walk ended up with me skipping merrily through history 🙂

…Though thinking about it; carefully carrying 8 heavy pots back in a dirty old shopping bag for an hour, covered in mud with a big smile plastered on my face did very little for my image!