Descent into the Past

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*Queue Indiana Jones music here*

Another quest has been completed. Macclesfield holds its fair share of treasures it seems. We went exploring down there recently, and came upon a WW2 bunker. It was apparently where soldiers would hide out for days at a time.

It is very well disguised. Looking at it, it just looks like a manhole cover in some woodland. But if you lift up off the top, a thin metal ladder leads down into darkness.

This underground cabin is surreal. There are 3 beds: a bunk bed, and another single bed. There is a desk in the corner, a small toilet in a … I wouldn’t even call it a room…it was big enough to fit the toilet bowl, and just enough to get one man inside.

It is quite a way underground, and there is a vent that leads back up to the surface to allow fresh air into the bunker. However, as an unfortunate rabbit found out, there is no food down there. We found its remains curled up under one of the beds. It looks like it has fallen down the vent…most likely injured itself, and got trapped in the darkness. A horrible demise.

But on a lighter note, here are some pictures! (We had to use the flash on the camera, which is why it looks so bright. For most of the time, we were only using the torch you can see on the table. The first pic is just taken with the torch light. Yeah, it was dark…and creepy)

Blog5 pic3Blog5 pic1Blog5 pic2


I find it fascinating how little pieces of our history are just scattered around, waiting to be rediscovered, and appreciated for what they were. I also love that the particularly hard to find places are often well preserved, having gone undetected by vandals. There was not a jot of graffiti down there.  People had obviously been there before us, l and, wanting to leave their mark, had left scraps of paper with notes on them on the little desk. It was kind of magical, like we had become part of a select group; exploring, and appreciating, leaving nothing but footprints.