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The Children of Manson book CoverWelcome inside my mind. I feel I should have a disclaimer here of some sort… A “Reader Beware” strap line. I will leave it at that though, consider yourself sufficiently warned.

The Children of Manson was a concept I thought up after reading Stephen King & Peter Straub’s Black House. This book stewed in my head, and that was the point at which I realised two things: 1. I want to write horror…I want to terrify people in the way that book terrified me: through my own imagination.  And 2. The Children of Manson had been born.

I then trotted off to University and through the trials and tribulations of my degree, came up with the setting and themes behind my work.

Life is full of inspiration; experiences from creeping down into WW2 bunkers to reading and watching documentaries on serial killers and cults have added a little something extra to the spewings of my own plagued mind.

So I introduce to you The Children on Manson.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.