Nail Art III

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Hi 🙂

I thought I’d give you guys a quick update in terms of new nail art creations!

I’d had a few new ideas since I last posted, so here are the latest!





61508_10152207588332384_1295221291_nThis first one was done over the top of a French Manicure. I particularly enjoyed this one, as it was a bit different from the usual kind of thing I’ve tried.








photo(18)This one is The Riddler themed








2014-01-02 19.06.30 For this one, I went for a “Burnt Paper” effect. Also used newspaper and alcohol to press newspaper print onto the varnish.That rubbed off though, so probably best putting a topcoat on once its dried.








2014-02-23 16.55.32 Here’s an attempt at the French Manicure bow design without the French Manicure!

Photo0868 Playing cards 🙂

pink And last for now- graffiti overcoat with bright pink base coat.


Any other suggestions, drop me a comment and I’ll try out your suggested design! x