Small Time Vigilante?

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My bold statement of the day: I am a small time heroine!

No, I’m not quite running around in a long cape [ I wish…] but I’m doing my little bit to save our economy nonetheless. Ok, enough with the bold, crazy statements. To be blunt, if I see money on the floor, that someone has carelessly cast aside, I will pick it up, and thus, put it back into the economy! Hooray!

Hear me out with this one… Ok now admittedly it sounds kind of silly, but throwing money (yeah, even the pennies) down a drain, in a bin, even on the floor is illegal, so that’s my justification right there!

Also, while again, I mustn’t look my “coolest” while doing so, it genuinely does add up!

I last went to the bank in January to deposit my “floor money” which came to £37, and now I have another £14 of “floor money” to put away. This brings my grand total to around £200 of found money over the course of 2 years. Not bad really!

On my travels today, I found 18p. I was rather gutted really, as I actually saw a girl across the road pick up a £5 note as she crossed. If I’d just been a few seconds earlier….!!! Oh well, its someone’s Friday made =] Plus it really does go to show when you keep your eyes on the floor you can be rewarded with much more than just avoiding dog poo.

PS, here is my £14 of change; some bagged up already, ready to take to the bank 😀

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