Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Ouija Boards… from my experience, they tend to be a rather controversial subject. Everyone knows someone with a tale about an Ouija board. Glasses flying off the table, people dying, etc, etc.

I can’t be doing with people telling me these 3rd hand stories… with no evidence to back it up. So I went out to a Witch Museum, and bought one myself!


At this point, I should probably point out that I don’t believe in ghosts. People have told me I’ve never seen anything because I don’t believe… for me that is too convenient an excuse.

So anyway… laden with some brave friends and a dark night, we have attempted to play the Ouija Board over, and over and over and to no avail. For me, I must admit, it has done nothing but strengthen my disbelief in ghosts.

Really though, it shouldn’t. And here’s why: Ouija boards are pieces of wood, with writing painted onto them.  Why on earth anyone decided they could be used to contact spirits is beyond me. Looking at how the board developed, it seems that it was a speedier alternative to “Table Turning” a method used by mediums to contact the Other Side.  To me, this in itself is questionable. If there is a method to contact the dead, then surely no matter how tedious or time consuming, it is worth it. Trying to short cut every process to keep people entertained seems a strong implication that it is no more than sensationalised rubbish.

Update: Now here’s where things get a little more interesting. I was looking to get some photos of the Ouija board in action, so with the aid of my sister, we got a few pics. Please see below for the outcome…

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

She took a good few shots one after the other, without really moving the camera. Now what the hell is appearing above my head? Through the number of pictures, it appears, fades and then reappears.

Curtains are drawn, and there were no gaps (car headlights, streetlights etc can be ruled out- especially as the windows are off to the right of these images, so the light couldn’t have hit at that angle) Also, there was no flash on the camera…. So, no light, and even if there was (which there genuinely wasn’t) there’s nothing for it to reflect off anyway.

Not quite sure what to make of it…

*Important note* I still do not believe in ghosts, but am quite keen to get to the bottom of this one! 🙂