What Noise Does A Giraffe Make?

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Let me set the scene:

I was at my cousin’s house, reading to her new baby. It was a book on animal noises (Even if I remembered the title, I still wouldn’t share it, as it is an atrocious attempt to educate children…not that a 6 month old would be particularly interested in what noise a frog makes… but still!)

Ok so back to the book: It got off to a good- if somewhat predictable- start.

“What noise does a cow make?” I looked at her gorgeous squishy face and went “Moo!”

All is well.

“What noise does a sheep make?” I turned to her “Baa!”

And then it all kind of went downhill… I turned the page… and to my horror…

“What noise does a rabbit make?”

I honestly looked at this innocent baby in total embarrassment, thinking… “Oh my God. I don’t know. Erm…” and quickly turned the page. I felt like I was deceiving her!

Anyway, in a sheepish attempt to recover, I turned the page once more. And I was met with the single hardest question I have ever encountered:


At this point, in total despair, I panicked. I kind of looked at her, and went “Merrrrreeegghhhh!”

Then hastily closed the book!

I have not quite recovered from the humiliation, as you can probably tell.

But from that day forth, I vowed to find out what noise a Giraffe makes.

I thought a simple Google search would  yield some decent results. Alas, no. Youtube then? Surely…. well, guys & girls… this is where you come in. I could not for the life of me find a single piece of audio footage that tells me a giraffe call.

I hear they make a range of sounds; from barks, mews, chirps etc. Then some conflicting rumour that they don’t have vocal chords at all. (I don’t believe this to be true)

Anyway, if anyone comes up with anything, please comment, and enable me to inform the child of the correct call!

Anything is better than “Merrrrreeegghhhh!”